Monday, January 4, 2010

Do I look like a Crayon to YOU!!!

This is a Rant!!!!!!

I recently...well two months ago...was in a conversation with a few associates and i just so happened to use the term "African American". And for some reason the girl of mixed descent said "I don't understand why we as black people use the term african american...were not from africa...blah blah blah...ignorance ignorance ignorance." (I'm sorry but if you have heard her speak nevermind lol)

At the time I told her I do it because I like the sound of it, but I failed to explain why I do.

See for me I know NOTHING about my heritage where I' m from or any of that due to slavery. (and you thought slavery doesn't effect my generation) I identify with the term African american because it gives me SOME sense of identity, not complete, but some. So to ask me to call myself BLACK which I am not, I am brown is insulting. Even more insulting for you to tell me what ethnicity i should chose to be apart of. So if you were one of these people I would advise you think twice before saying things like this.

I do not mind the word black, but it DOES NOT or will it ever DEFINE my culture and my identity. Black is an abyss, a crayon, translates to Negro, associated with evil and excuse the hell out of me for wanting a more specific label.

This is something that has been burning me up, but I got my defense ready for the next person to challenge my be aware. ggrrrr lol.


Monday, December 28, 2009

All the Single Ladies

I recently watched a video about single black women and I could not help but wonder...WHY??? All these beautiful black women educated, why are they still single. Why is it that at my age all my black female friends are single mothers, and my white friends our married or in some type of long term relationships??? Do we as black women have a dating curse?

check it out for yourself tell me what you think???

Monday, December 7, 2009

What you mean my black not beautiful?

Last week or so I was watching a documentary on "Deracialization Plastic Surgery" and was deeply saddened to here how black features are associated with ugly and unfit for society. One girl undergoing rhinoplasty (nose) kept refering to her nose "black" nose as wide and ugly, saying she wanted a thinner PRETTIER "white" nose.

Now contrary to popular belief not ALL caucasian noses are cute and petite, there is a lot of variations. But my quetsion to you all is; Why is it that any ugly characteristic such as a huge nose and huge lips have to be associated with being black? Is it saying that if a white person has a large nose that their's is more attractive because it is on a white person? Or do we say that this white person must be "mixed" wit black to obtain such a large nose?

This stigma is not fair. This is what develops little girls into thinking their ethnic features are not gorgeous. And who came up with this idea that anything beautfiul or socially acceptable is white?

Check out the documentary...very inciteful!!!!

xoxoxo BS&S

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Step Your Game up!!!

Oooh shoes!!! It is boot season time, and as winter approaches the wardrobes tend to be a little blah =( so to spice things up a bit a sexy/fashionable boot is always the way to go. So if you are looking for a way to stand out and not break the bank try out I fell completely in love with this site over the summer and hopefully you will too!!!!

Little Miss MIA

I know BS&S has been MIA for a very long time but college came and tore us apart =(. Any who I am back and will bringing more posts and will continue celebrating the beauty that is the black woman.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Precious

So Tyler Perry and Oprah have funded a great film called "Precious". Starring Monique and Garbourey Sidibe....Not much to say, but I know it will be extremely touching check out the trailer. BS&S is anticipating its debut...

In the mean time check out the novel "Push" by Saphire to help ease the anticipation.

Oh My Gosh Shoes!!!!!!!

Another fashion site for all you lovely divas...check this out. This is one of thee hottest shoe sites, thats has price ranges for everyone's pockets. It has some of the hottest name brands and unique styles check it out for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

xoxoBS&S Approved with a Kissxoxo

Ego!!!!!!!!!!! Such a Huge Ego...

We walk like this cuz we can back it up....BS&S loves this is a confidence booster don't know why. Probably because of the repetitive ego references but thats neither her nor there I present to you...Beyonce Ego...hurry up before YouTube takes it down.

Visit Link Below:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Black is Beautiful...and so is Yours ♥

So i have a organic chem test to study for but i still wanted to say something today.

The message of today is that your black is beautiful. Live it, love it, breathe it, accept it. I am a facebooker, and I am sooooooooo sick of hearing black girls talk about "lightskins do it better" or "I am a bad chocolate B*%!". Stop that!!!!! Your beauty is more than your skin tone, or anything physical. Love your skin, and EVERYTHING else that makes you inside and out.

Nothing I say is law, just opinion...BS&S does not lie!!!!!!!!!


xoxoNoel Anderson xoxo

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mrs. Obama

BS&S loves Loves LOVES this woman. How could you not????? Well for all of us Michelle Obama lovers we have something new to idolize. Mrs. Obama has graced the cover of Time Magazine, I am on my way to get it now and so should you :-D.

xoxo-BS&S approved with a Kiss-xoxo

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Smell Like Brown Sugar!!!

Caress has done it again!!!!!!!! They never cease to amaze me. Since my freshman year of college I have been searching for a soap that smells like brown sugar...and I finally got it. It literally has brown sugar in it.

We present to you Evenly Gorgeous by Caress.

Its an incredibly sexy scent and is a must have for the summer. Go out and get it, smell like what your made of!!!!

Can be purchased at any mega store or grocery store.

xoxo-BS&S approved with a Kiss-xoxo

Your Health ♥

Breast cancer is a scary thought, and it seems to be scaring black women the most. Recent studies have shown that black women are morel likely to refuse treatment for breast cancer!!!!!!!!!! Alarming right!!!! We have to bring awareness of this issue, because we have a right to protect each other.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"We found in this study on locally advanced breast cancer, mainly done in black women, that almost a quarter of the patients [refused] chemotherapy and radiation therapy that are the standard of care for stage 3 breast cancer," said lead researcher Dr. Monica Rizzo, an assistant professor of surgery in the Division of Surgical Oncology at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. "Why these women balk at treatment is unclear, Rizzo said. "We looked at martial status, as well as religious background, of those women and, unfortunately, we were not able to find any clear identifier," she said.

To read more go to:

Let's not leave each other behind. Remember do your monthly checks and take a friend when you go to your mammograms, we can't let this beat us. We have to save Second Base LOL (love those shirts)


Noel Anderson

Must See Website!!!!!!!!

We ALL know how hard it is keeping up with the latest fashions in this economy but there are some ways around it. So for my readers I will post a website weekly that will get you fab for less.

BS&S would like to present to you:

Everything is under $15 dollars...its selections maybe smaller than your average store but they have the cutest clothing for less. try it out!!!!!!

xoxo-BS&S Approved with a Kiss-xoxo

Well Kept Beauty Secret!!!!!!!

Now I know we have our MAC make-up lovers, and all the other expensive make-up brands that tax our pockets. Beauty is pain and finance right!!!!! Truth be told there is NOTHING wrong with that. But for those of us with shallow pockets we might have to turn to an alternate beauty enhancer. And recently I have discovered a mineral make up that is inexpensive and has THEE most brilliant shades...I use it myself!!!! I love Love LOVE it.

It goes by the name of O'Balla made in China...yes and it is another well kept secret in the make up world. It can be purchased from eBay independent make up stores. I would recommend the product to anyone. You can get about twelve different colors for about $8.00, and they are very brilliant and long lasting with the proper make-up primer.

Again can be purchased from user gracewolf2008 at about $0.21 (yes 21 cents/each) excellent businessman.

or try the link below (explore the store see what you like)|65%3A15|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

xoxo-BS&S approved with a kiss-xoxo

Glass Hammers

What is a "Glass Hammer" you ask???? Well its a metaphor representing those who have broken through the racial/sexist glass ceiling that have been oppressing many minorities and women for years. So for my first recognition goes to Kelly Chapman, Director of Diversity Recruitment of Microsoft Corps who has done both...And you thought it was just Bill Gates LOL

I chose her because very rarely do you hear of a woman, let alone a black woman, dominating the corporate world. Can we say respect her go girl!!!!!!! BS&S gives credit when credit is due and we solute you Kelly Chapman.

To learn more about her check out at:


Noel Anderson xoxo

My Poem

It is copyrighted so do not touch...

I wrote it myself hope you enjoy

Strength of A Black Woman
The strength of a black woman
It's unmatched,
As if God injected iron in her.
The strength of a black woman is frightening and goes unseen,
And the insecurities of others try its best to lash at it
Tare it down
But she will always remain standing at the end of the battle
She will always love others even if it means sacrificing her humanity
But yet she is still seen as inferior for letting tears run like waterfalls
I just say it’s her strength overflowing from her soul
But every super hero has its downfalls
Ever superhero has a kryptonite
And for a black woman it's the gift love
We live for love, but it does not live for us
So we gladly take heartbreak as our defeat
but it won’t take us out our struggle
And as a black woman we learn love hard
But we learn pain even harder
Even with all this on her shoulders,
She still loves past her pain
Past her scars
So if you ever want to know where our iron core lies,
It's within our hearts
Our strength may not be that of the physical
It goes way deeper
So think hard next time you call us weaker
We'll just assume that its jealousy
We'll just assume that you envy
The blessing that God copyrighted into our souls
The blessing that is the strength of a black woman

Why I am here???

My purpose is to create a web site promoting empowerment of black women. I want to let everyone know that I am not saying Black woman are better, I just am thorough in my knowledge...simply because I am one. I want my fellow sisters to embrace one another, love each other, love themselves, and to see a different aspect of the black women. We are more than our curves and skin color, and it is time to let the world in on this well kept secret.

I hope that whoever comes across this site feels my enthusiasm and hopefully soon it will reach the masses. But if I can change one person's life...then that is enough for me.

Remember Your Black is beautiful and I hope you will follow me on this journey.


Noel Anderson